Round Meadow Trail

Take an easy 20-minute walk on the Round Meadow Creek loop trail at milepost 179.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway and view the Round Meadow Overlook of the massive 20th-century parkway bridge. Take the right fork at the start of the trail to gradually descend into a hollow. Walkthrough a grove of giant white pines, see colorful flowers and patches of ferns and walk along a creek that is deep enough to wade in (and cool in the summer!). Continuing on the loop, you will pass under the bridge at the bottom of the trail, and then once again as you near the trail’s end at the top of the hill. This second pass under the bridge lends an amazing “underlook” of this engineering marvel. Short on time? Skip the walk and take the left fork at the beginning of the trail to quickly arrive at the overlook.