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Culture and History

Experience Appalachian culture, music, and history, and plenty of small-town charm in Patrick County. From historical tours to music festivals, there is a unique experience waiting for you.

Historic Sights

Take a tour through America’s history in Patrick County. Once the home of the Native American Wolf Creek Cherokee tribe, Patrick County has served as a frontier town, a Civil War battleground, and a present-day arts and culture destination. 

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The Patrick County music scene vibrates with the sounds of bluegrass, gospel, country, oldies, blues, and rock. Bring your instrument and join a jam session, take in a local concert, or dance the day away at one of our music festivals.

Local Arts

From sculptures and woodworking to intricate paintings and glasswork, Patrick County is home to a thriving community of artists and craftsmen.

local arts and crafts on display. paintings, pottery.


From apple-picking to banjo-strumming to winter wonderlands, there is always something to celebrate in Patrick County.

Motor Sports

See how moonshine was made and hear the fascinating story of how this led directly to the birth of NASCAR racing. Patrick County is home to a museum celebrating an iconic part of NASCAR history.

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Patrick County is home to three award-winning wineries that offer more than just a sensational sip.  Locals and tourists alike gather together to take in the beautiful backdrop, live music, and sense of community. 

Unique Places to Stay in Patrick County

Avoid the crowds and enjoy our small town hospitality with this month’s guide to some of our most charming, unique and memorable places to stay. Step back in history in a refurbished one-room schoolhouse, visit a working farm, or take in our Southern hospitality at a bed and breakfast. Find your home away from home…

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