Historic Attractions

Take a tour through America’s history in Patrick County. Once the home of the Native American Wolf Creek Cherokee tribe, Patrick County has served as a frontier town, Civil War battleground and as a present-day arts and culture destination. 

Historic Sites

Patrick County is steeped in history and historical sites from eras like Victorian and Civil War and beyond. Visit Reynolds Homestead, birthplace of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds and his brother A.D. Reynolds, or take a stroll along a historic covered bridge. Patrick County is a destination for history-lovers.

Historic Patrick County

Discover the Mountain Spirit Trail

The quiet hills and hollers of Southwest Virginia were once home to hundreds of moonshine stills. Moonshining was once a vital part of the area’s economy, especially during times of hardship. Families took to creating the illegal drink when money got tight and resources stretched thin. The ingredients needed were readily available and the byproducts…