Mountain Views

Patrick County’s topography uniquely positions the area as a premier destination for breathtaking views atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. See endless miles of the beautiful Virginia and North Carolina landscapes, including notable skyline landmarks such as Pilot Mountain (“Mount Pilot” in the Andy Griffith Show), Rocky Knob, Buffalo Mountain, and many more.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway wanders through Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina and is dotted with scenic views and small towns. Traveling along this road is the perfect way to explore the mountains and meet the people that call them home.

Angel Overlook

Angel Overlook is located on notoriously curvy Squirrel Spur Road between the mountain communities of Ararat and Meadows of Dan, Virginia. At 2,083 ft above sea level, this is the perfect place to pause your backroads cruise for a picnic lunch and enjoy the views of the neighboring North Carolina skyline. From here, you can easily see Pilot Mountain, or “Mount Pilot” as it was called on The Andy Griffith Show. This overlook gets its name from the Angel family who donated the land for travelers to enjoy in 2009. You can find travel and area information at the information kiosk located right beside the overlook.

Lover’s Leap

Named after the tragic love story that took place at adjacent Fred Clifton Park, Lover’s Leap Scenic Overlook is by far the largest overlook in the area. Its colorful rock wall runs alongside the roadway of Route 58 with easy on, easy off parking. Travelers from all over the world stop here to gaze into the distance. Witness the panoramic views of the mountains & valley and see hundreds of miles out.

Fred Clifton Park

At an elevation of 2930 feet, Fred Clifton Park provides multiple breathtaking views of the northern Blue Ridge Mountains and Valley of Patrick County. A beautiful, densely wooded area surrounds the picnic and parking areas. Lovers Leap Scenic Overlook is located adjacent to the park.

Rock Castle Gorge

Located at milepost 168.8 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, this overlook, along with the Rocky Knob Overlook, sits in the direct path of the Rock Castle Gorge National Recreation Trail. You will often see hikers appear on the forest edge, cross the overlook meadow, and continue on the path back into the trees on the other side. At this overlook, you can read about the history of the Rock Castle Gorge, including the geographic features that give the gorge its name. Close by on the parkway is the Rocky Knob Campground, a great place to pitch your tent or park your camper during your travels.

Groundhog Meadow Overlook

Step back in time at the Groundhog Mountain Observation Tower at Groundhog Hill, located at milepost 189 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This structure was used by the Forest Service to watch for fires and other emergency situations. Climb the stairs to the top of the tower for amazing 360-views of the surrounding Mountains. This site also offers picnic tables and restrooms.