Squirrel Spur

This 10 mile loop packs enough twists, turns and drops to top every motorcyclist’s bucket list. A casual drive will give you a glimpse into the rural countryside with cow pastures, tobacco fields and pumpkin patches. For most riders, the view will be a blur of color as you ride through a thrilling series of turns, switchbacks, steep climbs and sharp drops. Pull-off points including Angel Overlook give a break from the adventure.


Start in the village of Meadows of Dan (Blue Ridge Parkway MM 177.7). Take Squirrel Spur road all the way down the mountain to its end. Take Ararat Hwy (Route 173) to the community of Ararat (get a great country meal at Boyd’s Restaurant there) , then turn onto Friends Mission Road (Route 675) until you get to Willis Gap Mountain Rd (Route 771). Follow this road through some of the most beautiful orchards (and mountain views) you’ll ever see until you arrive at the Blue Ridge Parkway, MM 193.5 . Head North to connect back to Meadows of Dan.