Bootlegger’s Run

Possibly the most famous stretch of the Jagged Edge, Bootlegger’s Run packs more than 100 curves into its 30-mile drive between the towns of Floyd and Ferrum, passing through Woolwine along the way. This run gets its name because it goes through the heart of one of Appalachia’s most notorious moonshine trails. If this unique piece of American history is not enough, the ride boasts some of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ most spectacular views.


Start in the Town of Floyd and head South of Route 8. Drive down to the base of the mountain and turn left onto Route 40. Follow through the old moonshining community of Charity, (leave Patrick, enter Franklin) follow through the college town of Ferrum, then finally end up in the town of Rocky Mount where you can end up at local modern day moonshine distillery Twin Creeks Distillery.